Crystal Healing

What is Crystal Healing?


Crystal Healing is a healing modality in which the resonant gifts of crystals and gemstones are used to infuse light and color frequencies into the aura. The crystal infusion promotes balance and alignment, clearing of blocked energies, elevating of mental awareness, and entry into the subtle dimensions of consciousness, facilitating healing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.


In other words, the perfect vibration of the crystal beings helps to align our own, often wonky, vibrational fields. The facilitator's knowledge of the specific healing attributes of the crystals along with intuitive therapeutic guidance offers direction and flow for you to navigate your inner world. Crystal healing is a self-empowering journey into the depths of your consciousness.

How does it work?


Placing the crystals on the body will cause deep relaxation and your brain waves will settle into an alpha wave state which is a somewhat dreamy and concentrated meditative state - like in a lucid dream, simultaneously aware and conscious.


Specific stones - each with their own unique healing properties - are placed upon the chakras with intention to activate the auric field. Crystal Healing Therapeutics are applied to facilitate the client to access hidden or subconscious energies as the memory veils are lifted. In this altered state, for example, past lives or childhood traumas may come up for evaluation, re-assessing, healing, and transformation. Additionally, corresponding mental, emotional, and spiritual causes of physical diseases can be discovered and attended to.


What is a Crystal Healing session like?


First we will go over some questions on an intake form and discuss the reason for your visit. Then you will lie down on your back and be guided through a meditation and a breathing technique to settle into the session. I will open sacred space, place the crystals on your body in silence, then start dialogue and therapeutics. I will ask questions and you will respond, prompting you to explore your interior landscape. I usually take notes about what you are experiencing and feeling. Depending on what I intuitively feel is needed, I will either change the crystals, place more crystals, or use different therapeutic techniques to facilitate a potent healing session. At the end of the session I will make sure you are grounded and we will discuss a maintenance program for you to integrate the healing that took place into your daily life.


The intake form discussion, crystal healing session, and the maintenance program, will take about 2 hours, sometimes longer if time permits.


What is Crystal Healing good for?


Crystal Healing is a great tool for chakra tune-up, to reboot your general well-being, and for deep relaxation. The altered state of consciousness that the crystals produce opens you up to portals and hidden chambers where you can connect to your higher self. In this place of stillness and shifted perspective, sudden breakthroughs, profound insights into one's situation, and clarity of one's life direction (among many other things), can reveal themselves naturally. Every session is completely unique and offers whatever the individual needs most at that moment.

 "Health in the body, peace in the spirit, love in the heart, open paths"  -Baixinha