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course testimonials


"Antoinette, I am so thankful for the healing sessions I have had with you. 

Each journey has felt like another layer of my being was being deeply investigated and cleansed . 

Your ability to keep on course ( though uncharted!) with gentle nudges and humor but a powerfulness ready for battle is deeply healing.  This last session, with your drum and crystals, has resonated within me for weeks now, your extraction of the "hooks" I had carried these many years I believe will be an important key to this transitional period of my life. I have felt a great release & a renewed sense of purified wholeness ...& I've been given homework! 

I look forward to future sessions !  Gratefully,  RB"


"Having my aura read by Antoinette helped me to move forward after months or even years of feeling quite stuck. For someone else to pinpoint my feelings was extremely magical, as though her seeing the images that were fueling my emotions, or perhaps were my emotions themselves, liberated them. It allowed me to affirm them and gave me space to process, since the reading I have felt much lighter. I also enjoyed the insights into various aspects of my spiritual self and past incarnations. The entire reading was beautiful and authentic, and I look forward to seeing what she can do in her shamanic healing sessions. It seems to me her vision is a gift she is honing with care." - Emma



"Of all the energy work I've participated in so far, my shamanic session with Antoinette was the most powerful. I'd been sensing an energetic drain and she got right to the source of it. She also removed some long-standing, stagnant energy I'd been holding that no longer served me. She conducted a soul retrieval and brought back the precious gift of my inner child. She is a powerful, nurturing, loving guide into the worlds we sense but cannot see." - Kristina



"When I met with Antoinette Aurell to have my aura read, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have never done this before.  My experience turned out to be very emotional (way more that I anticipated), at the same time I found it to be extremely enlightening.  I suppose going in, one might have specific personal things going on, and hope they will be touched upon. Maybe the hope is to receive guidance on how to move forward, it is most likely different for each person. For me, it was about clarity, the reading  enabled me to clean my mind from all the daily stuff I worry about. I just felt a sense of peace, like an emotional cleansing. The reading gave me more faith in positive energy that surrounds me, it provided me with more confidence about how I make decisions for myself and the ones I love.  The further along we were into the reading, it felt as though Antoinette was a dear friend, someone who knows me well. Antoinette is extremely kind, sensitive and compassionate and helped me apply my reading to my life and put things in perspective. Having an aura reading became much more of a personal encounter than I would have imagined. Antoinette has a beautiful gift. After leaving Antionette, I felt so light, and my mood was up. I will highly recommend Antoinette to anyone looking for an experience of spiritual awareness. I am looking forward to seeing her again soon." -Rhonda



 "I’m very highly calibrated & very protective of my vessel, & the vulnerability of traveling toward truth and higher vibration from the heart has at times placed me completely out of balance.  Enlightened as I am blessed to be, my mind and perceptions have been ‘hard at work’- blocking real access to optimal, wholistic operating levels. Throughout most of my 5 decades of this life, I‘ve benefitted from work with some very knowledgeable, gifted, healing practitioners of energy medicines.  My work with Antoinette is among the most potent, effective & transformative I’ve ever done.  Hard memories, busy, ‘Mind scripted translations’ of past experiences, relationships and some pain became behaviors from their ‘stories’. Forgiveness, gratitude, self-love and simple joy ended up in a sort of  ‘soul ditch’ of shadow. In our shamanic healing work together, Antoinette picked up her Shaman shovel and dug right to me-then handed me a shovel too!   Her graceful manner is a beautiful, safe & loving container for the powerful & sacred medicines she brings-across each modality; Aura Reading, Crystal & Shamanic Healing. 


Whether clearing blocks, illuminating shadow, confronting useless or negative behaviors & patterns, which have set up house, Antoinette’s loving & joyful energy are like a tuning fork & a great big machete.  She sets a tone for harmony & clears the path-without judgement, ego or posturing. The respect & honor for every present vibration is a gift of wisdom from the heart-to the heart.  Humorous, gentle,joyous & even ferocious, Antoinette is among the most potent Medicine Women I’ve ever met. What a remarkable, instinctual & deeply learned Shaman. Thank you, Antoinette! Aho."

- Simone 



"Thank you again for the reading. I found it extremely transformative as many images from the reading brought out feelings and emotions that I don't regularly have the ability to access on my own. I thought it was a wonderful way to help introspection and self-realization. Since my reading I have been able to move forward and I will be having my aura read going forward to gain a greater insight in my true self." -Zack



"I was drawn to shamanic healing because doctors and hospitals have failed to rule out my health problems until the time came where they were basically categorizing me as crazy, putting me on anti-depressants, etc. Luckily I was referred by a close friend who told me to try this and to my surprise, by the end of the 1st session I came to find myself in a powerful position. I realized that when you have a problem, the main culprit can be your own perspective. I have been living with a condition where if I eat oily, greasy food – I get chest pain and if I go near smoke of any kind I start to feel as if I am suffocating. I came to realize that instead of running from doctor to doctor, trying to find my problem, I can accept it and show gratitude that I have a condition which is actually guiding me to live a healthy lifestyle. After being told some personal things about my energies and path of life, my eyes were opened to the fact that we live in a space where the physical is a fraction of the whole deal. I have since then started my journey for overall self-development at a higher frequency, a journey which takes into account not just exercise and diet but also spirituality and purpose. I would suggest anyone who is fed up with dealing with a certain issue and not getting any positive results to give shamanic healing a try, for it has great potential to help anyone." - Shibga 



"My experience with Antoinette was a both profound and uplifting. I found her space to be very welcoming and cleansed with pure loving energy. She welcomed me and tried to get to know me. I'm a Reiki Master and was referred to her by a dear friend. I didn't go in with anything specifically that I wanted to work on but I was open to what Antoinette might “see.” We talked for about 10 minutes and then I began to recognized that she was actually pulling information out of me of what we were to be focused on during our session. I wanted to focus on breaking patterns that no longer serve me and take me away from helping others.


She led me into the room that was filled with crystals to help assist and candles asking for the spirits to hold us in a place of love. After picking a stone that I connected with she taught me how to breath the breath of spirit of what I wanted in to the stone. This was very different than what I was expecting or comparing going in to how I give my session as a Reiki Master to my clients. This was very active instead of a passive meditative session that Reiki provides. I felt more of a co-creation with Antoinette and the helper spirits she called upon to work with us. Her singing and whistling soothed my soul and called to the spirits. After a few minutes of journeying she informed me that she was going to do a fluid extraction and a Soul Retrieval. Both of which I had no idea what exactly they were but once again I came in with an open mind and willingness to change whatever it is that is not to my highest good.


At first, I felt I knew a subtle healing had taken place. Over the next couple of days I felt a disorientation of being back in my body and not distracted. I felt grounded and like a sponge. Ready to absorb all the information I could about what I had just gone through that was so very profound after I had time to meditate and go inside to figure out which part of my soul had been returned to me. This part, this desire, this need that I had been chasing to feel a part of myself was replace with being grounded which was really the part that I was needing. Before this session I was pulled by desires and pleasure seeking activities. Now I'm fully focused and aware not looking for the external world to fill the void or empty spaces inside. I can now focus on helping my clients to my best ability by being present with them to be vessel of healing that Antoinette has been for me.


The Guidance that she gave me about my ancestry was key in showing me that I had work to do in order continue to evolve and also help parts of my families soul that may be hanging around. The forgiveness on my part that needs to be done to help the souls move on. These were issues that I chose not to deal with before because I thought they weren't affecting me when they actually are. And I will continue do the inner work until I feel I'm no longer affected and patterns have been completely shifted from my vibration. I'm truly grateful Antoinette guided me to raise my consciousness to see this." - Hue

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I am probably the last person on earth you would ever expect to find in attendance at a crystal healing training. I am a total newbie to the world of healing. Stumbling into a crystal reiki class sensitized me to the magical powers of crystals and I was ravenous for information to help me understand what the heck happened. Looking back, I see how drawn to crystals and minerals I have always been —  ever since I was a little girl.  Someone mentioned that if I have any interest in crystal healing I should check out Katrina Raphaell’s Crystal Healing books. It was on Katrina’s web site that I learned about Antoinette’s Beginner’s Crystal Healing Class. I was hesitant at first, afraid it was too “out there” for me and waited until practically the last minute to signup but OMG, I am so glad  that I did.  The class was without a doubt the deepest and most intense healing experience of my life.  Antoinette is a beautiful soul and an incredibly gifted, humble, compassionate, intuitive and generous teacher and healer.  She created a sacred space for us to learn. It couldn’t have been a more positive experience for everyone. The first day of class fell on my birthday and there isn’t a better present in the world I could have given myself. I am forever grateful to Antoinette for introducing me to Katrina’s brilliant methods. I can honestly say, I can’t wait to take Antoinette’s Intermediate Crystal Healing Class in May. I can’t wait to take anything Antoinette is offering - N. Goldstein

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