Sunny Heart Farm Eggs

Thank you for purchasing our Sunny Heart Farm eggs. Our 96 chickens are free ranging everyday, raised with love and care. We have a variety of chicken species, White Leghorns, Americaunus, Calico Princesses, Bard Rock, White Brahmas, French Copper Marans, Red Sexlink, Blue Australops ...... therefore our eggs come in a variety of shades and colors - brown, cream, tan, olive, blue, dark brown, white. We enjoy the diversity of our chickens, getting to know their unique temperaments and personalities. I am in awe everyday, gathering magical eggs, a beautiful creation, a perfect protein, a sacred gift! Makes me wonder which came first, the chicken or the egg? 

Thank you for following the Sunny Heart Farm egg carton notice. I am reaching out to customers who purchase our eggs, to connect with our local communities, and share our other offerings at Sunny Heart Farm. We are a family operation, with each our own specialty yet coming together to grow vegetables, herbs, fruits and raise chickens with a vision of sustainable living, stewardship of our land, learning the art of farming, and co-creating with Nature Beings a beautiful living food forest garden. Myself, Antoinette, and my partner Poppy, co-founders of Sunny Heart Farm are both medicine man/woman and are facilitators of healing. This is an invitation for you to connect with us. Explore this website for more information about healing modalities offered by Antoinette. 

Egg Limpia & Reading  - exchange $20 - this offering is done in person

Specifically for our local egg customers, I am offering Egg Limpia & Reading - this is an ancient shamanic process of cleansing and clearing one's energy field utilizing fertile eggs (which we have in abundance!) The process includes first of smudging and cleansing your physical and energy body with a grouping of herbs, then I will rub your entire body (over your clothes) with two eggs in a circular motion to absorb and take away heavy energies. One egg will be cracked into warm water for me to read and the other egg will be given to you to bring outside and perform a simple ritual. Egg Limpia is a powerful process to do periodically and take care of ones multi dimensional body which includes our emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Just as we clean our physical bodies in the shower or bath, our energy bodies also need attention and care. Limpias are a 'go to' when one is feeling low and depressed, burdened with heavy emotions, reactivity or when one's mind feels cluttered, confused, or negative. After a limpia, one feels lighter, happier, with a sense of renewal to go on with one's life afresh!

I am also offering a 50% discount on any modality of healing you may want to experience. Check out the tabs at the top of this page, Aura Reading - Crystal Healing - Luminous Energy Medicine, and check out the EXPLORE page too. I work remotely via the phone or zoom for those who live far away or for those who are concerend with covid, otherwise I see clients in my healing room at my home.

Text me at 917-741-4609 or email me at with any questions or for more information. We can arrange for a free phone consultation to see if we are a good match : ) 

Thank you very much!!

Love & Light,


Antoinette ~*~