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 Aura Reading



An aura reading is a process done one-on-one, between whom I will call 'the reader' and 'the client'. The reading process takes approximately one hour. During the reading, the reader and the client sit across each other, a prayer is stated to open sacred space, and the reader will prepare with closed eyes to access the field. The reader can only access information which the spirit of the client reveals at the moment of the reading. The information that comes up is pertinent for the client's growth and development in the present moment. In other words, the reader mirrors the client from her/his soul perspective, shedding light on subconscious yearnings and hidden intelligence which benefits the client in unexpected ways.


First, the seven chakras are read individually from the root to the crown. The information accessed usually starts with a color, an image, or an action and from there a natural flow of messages and symbolism is shared with the client. Usually these images will not make any sense to the reader, but will strike a chord with the client. As all the chakras are read, a coherent pattern or theme starts to develop, signaling a poignant issue in the consciousness of the client. If the client chooses to, the reader will then access a past life or two. These past lives tend to bring up a lesson or a concern that is still actively influencing the client's present life. Aura readings can also be done remotely by phone or by skype. With permission from the client, an aura reading can also be recorded in the reader's own time and sent to the client by email.


I am offering: general aura reading (as explained above), target aura reading (focuses on a specific topic of your choice), and relationship aura reading (focuses on two people in a relationship and can be read with both people present as well as with only one person present with the consent of the partner)






I have completed 80/80 free general readings, and am now offering donation based readings on a sliding scale basis ($60-$120). Contact me if you would like to have an aura reading and support my training~










<1 Pythia, Illustration © Sudie Rakusin 1987 used with artist permission

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