Antoinette Aurell, founder of Ouroboros Healing Arts, is a student of life, artist, yogini, facilitator of healing, and crystal light worker whose mission (& passion) is to be of service in raising consciousness - starting with herself and around her, one by one - to co-create a world of peace, dignity, and beauty; remembering our divinity and sacred connection to Spirit, Mother Earth and


Antoinette is trained and certified for Luminous Healing and Energy Medicine with Alberto Villodo at the Four Winds Society - Light Body School, and for Advanced Crystal Healing with Katrina Raphaell at The Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts in Kauai. Antoinette continues her studies with shamans of the lineage of the Q'uero from Peru and has been initiated as a Pompa Mesayok - Caretaker of the Earth- and an Alto Mesayok -Wisdom Keeper. She deepens her relationship with the sacred plants and spiritual teachers from the Amazon jungles of Colombia and Brazil. Additionally, Antoinette is apprenticing with herbalist and Green Witch, Robin Rose Bennett; loving the WiseWoman Healing Ways of Herbal Medicine and EarthSpirit teachings and is currently training in Aura Reading with the Aura Reading School of Roses, Piracanga, Brazil.

<4 image from Reading the B.I.T.C.H. Manifesto, performanceAntoinette Aurell  in Duna de Taroa, La Guajira, Colombia 2012

I am Antoinette Amoxtli Yari Yolotili, Protector of Jewel Heart, founder of Ouroboros Healing Arts. I am a medicine woman, mystic, Green Witch, shamanic practitioner, and crystal healing teacher. I am in service to Pachamama, our cosmic mother. You can find me wild crafting in the forest, weeding and planting in the garden, learning about the universe - especially sacred geometry & energy, singing and drumming, exploring and elevating consciousness. My passion is healing, my practice is awakening each day, transforming darkness to Light, mastering the stillness within, my religion is LOVE.

I am a medicine woman, mystic, shamanic practitioner, *Green Witch, and crystal healing teacher.


I am in service in supporting your discovery of your true soul's purpose,

in guiding your consciousness to the living energies of pachamama - cosmic mother - 

as you learn to communicate and receive guidance from your spirit helpers, and return mystery into a life of synchronicity, awe and wonder. 

Presence-ing our consciousness to the invisible yet visceral inner world through nature, meditation, journey, drum, crystals, or sound - our intuition takes us to our wisdom place of self healing.

I am honored to guide and hold sacred space for your healing and empowerment.


I am a skillful facilitator for your offering of your hucha - heavy energies - to Mother Earth and as she feasts and transmutes it into fertile mulch, I will guide you to plant new seeds of your highest intention. Whether retrieving lost soul parts, taking care of the wounded child, or allowing old toxic patterns to retire for good, we will clean the space, fill it with light and vitality for the seed to be nourished well and  sprout into manifestation.

I am passionate about Shadow work. In order to reach the stage or state where we are able to hold and anchor Light, we all must go through the process of truly knowing oneself. Knowing oneself is a multi level process (even multi lifetime!) of shedding layers and layers of hucha which we have accumulated in order for the human ego to self-preserve itself. This age old programming has most of us stuck in a vicious cycle of false self identification & self idealization, looking externally for love and approval where we will never be full-filled nor at peace. We are looking in the wrong direction and functioning from the wrong place. I am a meticulous Virgo sign, loyal Leo rising, with a freedom loving Sagittarius moon. I am available to support you with deep love and compassion, if you have the courage and perseverance to journey through your transformation. There is no looking back.


Creation, joy, beauty, and abundance are my passion. Permaculture and biodynamic farming principles excite me and self sustainable living practices motivates our family in the creation of our vision, Sunny Heart Wildcrafts Farm and Learning Center. We grow, forage and wildcraft our herbal remedies and medicinal herbs, flowers, roots and mushrooms for infusions, baths, and self care formulas.


Into my third year of avid gardening, I am fulfilled learning by witnessing the innate resilient intelligence of nature and the abundant harvest it brings. It is our birthright to live free, in integrity and in expanded joy, co-creating our lives in ayni - sacred reciprocity - with the kausay - the vital, living energy that animates the cosmos - the stone people, the plant people, the spirits of water, fire, earth, and air and all Beings around us.

I live upstate NY full time and travel to NYC for private healing sessions on wednesdays-thursdays.

Sunday 2 pm Crystal Medicine Healing Circle at River Family Wellness in Callicoon, NY is on break until May 2020.


For the Beginning and Intermediate Crystal Healing Certification Courses, please check the  

                                             page for schedule and further information. I teach in Brooklyn, upstate NY, and Mount Shasta. I may teach the crystal healing courses wherever I am called to where there are four or more students.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Love & Light,


AA ~*~

*I recently switched from calling myself an 'herbalist' to Green Witch as that feels more appropriate.

I am initiated as a Green Witch, 'one who has skills, knowledge, and wisdom in identifying and wild-crafting medicinal plants and experience in making herbal preparations for nourishment and healing.'




Antoinette's teachers, lineages, and education in the healing arts.

Antoinette Aurell has been certified in Luminous Healing & Energy Medicine by Alberto Villoldo of the Light Body School, Four Wind's Society in 2013. She continues to deepen her medicine of Andean Mysticism with her teachers Juan and Ivan Nunez del Prado from Peru. Antoinette is a teacher of the Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts and teaches the Beginning and Intermediate Crystal Healing Certification courses. As a lover of the plant people, Antoinette completed her three year apprenticeship with Robin Rose Bennett, and was initiated as Green Witch mastering the WiseWoman Healing Ways of Herbal Medicine and EarthSpirit Teachings. She completed her apprenticeship with Irma Star Spirit Turtle Women - expanding shamanic wisdom & tools through the Mayan/Toltec traditions and received her Nahuatl Mayan medicine name, Amoxtli Yari Yolotili - Protector of Jewel Heart. She completed training in Aura Reading I ,II, III, IV with her teacher Amelia Clark and Angelina Ataide, founder of the School of Roses in Piracanga, Brazil . Antoinette graduated from the Nine Gates Mystery School in the spring of 2016 and has received teachings spanning the wisdom traditions of Celtic, African, Sufi, Kabbala, esoteric Christianity to Buddhism. She completed the Mystical Principles of Healing Course I & II with Thomas Huebl. Antoinette deepens her practice and relationship with the sacred plant teachers from the jungles of Colombia & Brazil. With deep gratitude and engagement with the Mystery of Life, Antoinette is continually expanding her connection to healing magic, exploring the boundaries of consciousness, and integrating her earth walk with awareness of our multi-dimensional selves so we can flow in our lives AWAKE with ease, gratitude, compassion and wonder - toward the One. Antoinette served as one of the core members of the New York Shamanic Circle from February - August 2017

Antoinette's art in photograpahy, video & film focuses on imagery and content which empower and celebrate women, about & by women. She is working on completing 2 long term projects: 

CRONE - a multi channel video installation project of interviews with incredible, wise old women 

"SHE"S HERE" - a series of photographs in sequence of women undressing and other photographs of women in nature.

more information for CRONE - coming soon at