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Crystalline Therapy & Shamanic Energy Medicine

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Luminous Healing & Energy Medicine, or Shamanic Healing, seeks to restore balance and wellness by dissolving imprints and clearing dense energies from the LEF (luminous energy field) and replacing it with light. These sessions are profound as it clears and transforms the blueprint which affects all levels of our be-ing: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Each session takes around 90 minutes.



What is Shamanic Healing like?


We begin by having a conversation about whatever issues you may be having in your life that is holding you back. This may be a physical concern, an emotional or behavioral issue, a feeling of being stuck or overwhelmed in your life, depression, stress, depleted life force, lack of direction, or really anything that is not serving you anymore. 


The sessions are held in sacred space where we have access to the benevolent luminous beings and spirit guides who help facilitate healing. You will lie down comfortably on a mat or healing table as I guide you to breathe and use tracking skills to identify the energetic source of the issue at hand. I will ask you to choose a kuya, healing stone, from my mesa, medicine bundle, that you are most drawn to, in which you will blow the feeling of the issue with intention. I will then check your chakras and place the kuya on your body.


From this moment on each session is unique depending on what comes up from the tracking. There are different processes available to suit all arising needs with the illumination process as the foundation. You can read in detail about the illumination process by clicking on the link here: ILLUMINATION


I will close the session by assisting you in integrating the deep vibrational transformation that took place by using different modalities such as creating an altar, sand painting, fire ceremony, etc. These could also be prescribed to you as homework to continue to deepen and integrate the changes that took place.











<2 Sprite and Friend, Illustration © Sudie Rakusin 1987 used with artist permission 

Shamanic processes:


- soul retrieval

- destiny retrieval

- energy or entity extraction

- mythic mapping

- divination

- chord cutting

- journey

- energetic rites

- ancestral healing

- death rites

- illumination 

- transformational fire ceremony

- despacho ceremony

- sand painting

- creating personal altars

- space clearing

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