Energetic Practices & Spiritual Rituals


   Learn to Master the Energy Techniques of the Inca Empire :

Passed down through the Centuries in the High Andes of Peru


with Juan and Ivan Nuñez del Prado

   MAY 2, 3, & 4, 2020    10 AM - 5 PM    OPEN CENTER, NYC

registration $465
 early bird registration $400 until April 1

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Open Center / 22 E. 30th Street New York, NY 10016

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          The Andean Tradition teaches Ancient Earth Wisdom and Practices grounded in the belief that the world is made of Kausay, Living Energy. Energy Transforming Techniques and Rituals provide portals to step into a direct and personal experience of the Kausay Pacha, the World of Living Energies. The seven levels of spiritual and personal development of the Inka Tradition offer a Cosmology complete with structure and steps to walk a path of Personal Power based in Energetic Perception, a world previously relegated to high-trained Mystics. 


          As humanity makes its transition from one level of consciousness to a higher one, also an Inca Prophecy, the Andean Path teachings will provide complete trainings in reaching heightened states of perception, offering a framework to shift your perspective to understand your personal experiences in terms of Kausay, Living Energy, to create health, harmony, and happiness for yourself, family and friends. You will acquire a set of energy techniques that can be applied to daily life and change the appreciation you have for life. The Karpays or Initiations will formally open the path of the Paqo for you.  A Paqo, is an Andean healer; a person who is trained and practices in the Andean mystical tradition.




Energetic Practices & Spiritual Rituals

MAY 2, 3, & 4, 2020 / 10 AM - 5 PM / NYC


The complete Andean Path as taught by Juan includes 3 teachings, PHAÑA - the right / mystical path, LLOQE - the left / magical path, and the CHAUPI, the middle path, plus a Master Class.

In the three days workshop with Juan and Ivan you will be taken through an introduction into the Andean tradition, cosmovision, and into the PHAÑA (Mystical, Right) Path 

*see below for more details.




Phaña Path instructions were handed down to Juan Nunez del Prado from Don Benito Q’oriwaman of Wasao Peru, a 4th level indigenous paq’o, elder and a direct descendent of the last Inka, Huaskar Inka. Detailed description of the Inka Prophecy as passed down to Juan from 4th level masters of the Q’ero and Huaskar lineages and what they portend for humanity and our part in the prophecy will be shared. 


There will be an overview of the cosmo-vision and world view of the Andean tradition, an introduction to the right (mystical) and left (magical) sides of the Andean Path, and an explanation of the Inka Energy System, including the 

seven eyes and four belts of energy which make up the personal energy field. 


The seven levels of the Andean Path as they correspond to the spiritual and psychological development of human consciousness, the Three Worlds, the Three Human Powers, and the Inka Seed, our spirit connection to God will 

be discussed. Theoretically and experientially different personal energy techniques including Saminchakuy, Saiwachakuy, and Huchamikuy, will be learned to transform Hucha, heavy energy into Sami, light energy, 

to bring coherence and cleanse our energy body. The core Inka philosophy of Yanantin / Masintin, the inter relationship between similar / dissimilar principles, and the hamonizing of male / female energies 

are explored to increase efficient awareness of our own and the energy dynamics around us to become masters of the Living Energy. 


You will receive the Ayni Karpay Initiation into the 4th level and experience the Misha Chakuy ritual connecting you to the spiritual line of teachers of the 4th level Andean tradition. From personal energy practices we will expand to create community energy practices, Ayllu Saiwa and deepen our awarenesss of the Kausay Pacha. On the last day we will offer our gratitude to the Universe for all of the abundance and gifts we have received or make our request to the Universe for manifestation of a prayer through the creation of a community Despacho, a 

prayer bundle offering to Pachamama, Cosmic Mother, a mandala created by placing coca leaves, natural herbs, beans, grains or chocolate, etc our breath and our intentions. A despacho is officially sent as it gets burnt, buried or placed into a body of water as offerings to Pachamama with our gratitudes and prayers.