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Welcome! to Ouroboros Healing Arts, 



Ouroboros Healing Arts offers ancient wisdom and sacred tools 

to support the journey back to your soul's deepest purpose.

My mission is to help you attune to your pure essence and flow with your

optimal vibrational life force so you can dream your world into be-ing from a place of authenticity. 

ENERGY informs SOUL informs MIND informs BODY. 


LIFE  is a perfect reflection and manifestation of our energies. Vibrational medicine practices 

are energetic processes which work and heal 'upstream’ at the matrix level of our be-ing.


Through shadow work, we focus on overcoming destructive behaviours.

Shadows can be anything from limiting thought patterns & programs, addictions, early-life trauma, 

ancestral debts, or memory records we carry from toxic past life or parallel life incarnations. We heal ourselves through releasing our 'stories' and stepping out of disempowering roles we have adopted which are not aligned with our Spirit's bliss.


Through light work we deepen our consciousness, stillness, and explore our awakening.

We connect to our true essence, our inner child, and our highest potential. 

As we align ourselves to the creative force of the universe, support comes through heightenend coherence and synchronicity in our lives. We develop discernment and clarity to discover the joy of grounded power. 

Life becomes a miracle. 


Healing is a lifelong practice and it moves like a spiral, around and over again

through familiar territory yet at another level.

Ancient wisdom knows that we are all connected to each other,

our Mother Earth, and the Universe, towards the ONE.

Every personal step towards healing will be mirrored in your loved ones, and beyond.


Energy knows no boundaries. Remote sessions (by phone or skype) are as potent as sessions in-person. 

I am honored to hold space, witness and support you to enhance your inner light.


With so much gratitude to be living & loving in these times as we walk and upgrade ourselves in the new paradigm,



Antoinette Aurell ~*~ 

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