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                         Beginning Crystal Healing Certification Course

      Tuition $800 / Deposit of $400 is required to reserve your attendance


                        Intermediate Crystal Healing Certification Course 

      Tuition $950 / Deposit of $400 is required to reserve your attendance 


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Join me in this 5 day Beginning Crystal Healing Certification Course. Starting with an introduction to the mineral kingdom, we will learn about crystals basics, their physical and esoteric properties, how to program, create grid-work, care for our crystals, and support our life with light and protection. Through basic crystal healing layouts to chakra balance layouts, we will learn about our energy bodies and the ancient Art of Laying On Of Stones. Crystal Healing Therapeutics will be introduced and practiced to learn capacities to hold space, guide, and facilitate crystal healing on others (clients). New age stones, other important healing stones, crystal formations, sacred geometry, and the process of utilizing these tools for deep energy work will be explored. For beginner energy healers, the know-how to perform a basic crystal healing session from start to finish will be experientially discovered and up to you to master. For the experienced energy worker, you will expand your toolkit with crystals and the magic of this process.

                   Crystal Healing, as taught by this lineage through Katrina Raphaell, is a powerful, shamanic process of healing. Supported by the light, color, and frequency of the crystals and through the unique gifts and intention of each facilitator, the client's physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies are accessed, activated, and re-aligned, expanding consciousness and thereby facilitating shifts in perspectives. In this space of greater understanding and re-membering, root causes, crisis turning points, frozen traumas, inutile patterns of behavior, crippling cultural influences, ancestral debts, or whatever in our lives that is not serving us anymore gets highlighted and revealed. We hold space for our clients to access their inner creative intelligence, connect to their joy/bliss, and allow their intuition to guide themselves to their true soul purpose. We empower our clients to find alignment with the forces of nature and the universe to play the lila through an expanded consciousness lens in awe and harmony. 






Katrina Raphaell's lineage of crystal healing, 'the laying on of stones', is very profound.

Besides learning about the crystals and their properties, the therapeutic processes are what elevates

the crystal healing sessions into a powerful tooI of healing and transformation.

I am so happy after each session when breakthroughs and openings are made, empowering

my clients to move forward on their journey and to be an active part of their own healing. 

I am also a shamanic practitioner and love how the crystal healing modality

complements shamanic energy work beautifully.

Please buy and read the first two books from Katrina Rapahell's Crystal Trilogy,

Vol. 1 - Crystal Enlightenment and Vol. 2 - Crystal Healing before the course. 

You can purchase these on Amazon. 


                                                               CRYSTAL HEALING DEFINED


Crystal Healing is a healing modality that works directly with the light, color, beauty and perfect geometric forms that the mineral kingdom provides to assist us in balancing all aspects of our being.

It is an advanced healing art that has the capacity to influence the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Specific stones are placed upon the chakras, or spiritual energy centers, of the body. Since each one of the chakras has an associated color, generally speaking the crystals or stones reflecting that specific color would be placed upon these physical nerve plexus points. Bearing in mind that each stone has its own specific healing properties, each stone that is placed upon the body serves its own purpose. As the chakras are activated and the aura (or electromagnetic force field surrounding the body) is infused with the light reflecting off of the stones it becomes possible to access much more subtle levels of consciousness and being. With the proper Crystal Healing Therapeutics applied, deep personal sources of healing energy can be accessed, as understanding and knowledge about oneself surfaces from inner sanctums of knowing. From this foundation of personal empowerment, mental awareness is elevated, the emotional body becomes hypersensitive, and the memory veils are lifted. The corresponding mental, emotional and spiritual causes of physical disease can be discovered and attended to. In this way the power of the crystals and stones can be harnessed and their energies used to create healing, balance and upliftment.