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Welcome! to Ouroboros Healing Arts, 


Ouroboros Healing Arts offers ancient wisdom and sacred tools to support the journey

back to your soul's deepest purpose. Our mission is to help you attune to your pure essence and flow 

with your optimal vibrational life force so you can dream your world into be-ing from a place of authenticity.


ENERGY informs SOUL informs MIND informs BODY


LIFE  is a perfect reflection and manifestation of our energies. Vibrational medicine practices are energetic processes which work and heal 'upstream’ at the matrix level of our be-ing.


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<1 Pythia, Illustration © Sudie Rakusin 1987 used with artist permission

<2 Sprite and Friend, Illustration © Sudie Rakusin 1987 used with artist permission  

<3 Window Master Crystal , llustration by Tanize Kotsol